User Agreement

By completing the registration form on the Website and / or by completing the application form, you fully understand the following, which contain important information on the membership of the Program, and you accept all as an integral whole.

When you create your membership, if you encounter a section that states that you have read this text, checking the relevant part will mean that you agree to the entire User Agreement. Before subscribing to the Website and / or the Application, please read this User Agreement carefully and do not become a member if you do not approve the contents of the User Agreement.


1.1. The User Agreement applies to all Users who are members of the Web Site and / or the Application to benefit from the Services. Each User agrees and undertakes in advance that he / she will act in accordance with the provisions of this User Agreement which he has signed with the Sistemkod Bilisim (hereinafter referred to as "SISTEMKOD").

1.2. SISTEMKOD may change the terms and conditions of this User Agreement at any time without further notice or notice. These changes shall be effective from the date of publication on the Website and the Application.


APPLICATION: Designed for use in services such as smart phones, tablets and similar mobile devices and smart television systems or similar platforms and any intellectual and industrial right refers to the software belonging to the SISTEMKOD.

SERVICES: It refers to the services offered by SISTEMKOD to the Users via the Website and the Application.

USER: Real persons and legal entities completing the membership transactions via the Internet Site and / or the Application to benefit from the services of SIKA.

CONTENT: All kinds of information, articles, files, images, videos and similar visual, literary and audio images uploaded by Sistemkod, published on the Website and / or the Application.

INTERFACE: Used to display Content by Users and to query the Database; They are internet pages which are protected by Intellectual and Artistic Works Law (FSEK) numbered 5846 and which all intellectual property belong to SIKOCOD and give command to computer program for all kind of transactions.

DATABASE: All of the software accessed from the Website and the Application, which is stored, classified, inquired and accessible, and which is owned by the SISTEMKOD and which is protected in accordance with the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works no.


3.1. Users agree to this User Agreement;

Real Person Users are over 18 years of age and have the capacity to make a contract,

Legal entity Users agree that the Membership Agreement is accepted by authorized persons and is binding for the legal entity.

and all kinds of e-mails, sms and mobile notifications from

3.2. The acceptance of users' membership applications is at the discretion of SistemKOD. SISTEMKOD can also refuse membership requests without any justification and / or stop or cancel the membership temporarily or permanently after the membership process is completed and may stop serving without any justification. In this case, SISTEMKOD shall have no responsibility for Users or third parties.

3.3. After completing the registration process, users will have their own username and password after the registration process has been completed, if necessary, by completing the registration process in the relevant section of the Website and / or the Application. Users login to the Website and App via e-mail addresses, phone numbers and passwords. The user name and password are specific to the User and the Users are obliged to protect their own user name and password. If users forget their passwords, SIKU will send a reminder to the e-mail address entered by the User.

3.4. Users agree, declare and undertake in advance that no information entered in the relevant sections of the Internet Site and its Application is entrusted to users and under no circumstances commits to the accuracy of the information provided to them. However, Users are obliged to provide their information in a real and complete manner in order for the Services to be provided as requested; otherwise, they recognize that various problems may arise. In this context, Users are obliged to provide the requested information in a complete, correct and true manner andthey accept and undertake that they will not be liable for any damages or problems that may arise between us or the User, because they give us wrong information.

3.5. Persons under the age of 18 may not become members. If the User is found to be under the age of 18, this User Agreement is terminated without further notification.

3.6. Users undertake to provide all services for their personal use. Within this scope, Sistemkod reserves the right to limit the service.

3.7. SISTEMOD does not make any express or implied warranties of any User within the scope of the Services, including fitness for a particular purpose, continuous continuity, update, functionality, accuracy, error. SysonKOD undertakes the necessary diligence to ensure that the Services are duly and securely presented in a timely manner; however, it does not undertake to provide the Services in any way. SISTEMKOD may suspend or completely stop the Services when it deems necessary. SistemKOD does not have any responsibility for Users because the Services are suspended or terminated.

3.8. The services received through the Website and the Application are made through the information uploaded to the system.

3.9. The free services provided on the Website and the Application are determined by the Sistemkod.

3:10. SISTEMKOD is not responsible for the information and Content provided by the Members under any circumstances.

3.11. SISTEMKOD, the information that users share with SISTEMKOD while they are a member, and any information and data they provide through the Website and the Application, save, use, process, classify, store, store on statistical data, advertising and / or marketing Use in the field has the right to determine the general trends of the Users and to use the content and services in this sense to improve the Users in order to provide richer and more accurate Content. Users hereby declare that they have clear consent. The provisions of the Privacy Policy apply for the use of personal data.

3:12. SISTEMKOD may control, backup and / or delete all Content in whole or in part, including but not limited to the data that will be generated by the Users' use of the Website and the Application and the messages and comments to be uploaded to the Website and the Application. SISTEMKOD shall not be held responsible if the contents are deleted.

3:13. All rights of any kind of data, including intellectual property, which belong to the use of the Website and the Application, belong to SISTEMKOD. The anonymization of such data does not constitute a breach of the provisions of the Privacy Policy.

3:14. Information provided by the Users and the Content accessed from the Website and the Application All elements of the Website, Application, Database, Interface, including design, text, codes, including but not limited to and / or acquired by a legally valid license from a third party by SIKOKOD. Within the scope of this User Agreement, in case where it is not expressly authorized by SISTEMKOD, all rights of the Web Site, including but not limited to SistemKOD's Website, Application, Database, Interface are reserved.


4.1. Users are only allowed to conduct transactions in accordance with the law on the Website and the Application. The legal and criminal responsibility for each transaction and action that users perform on the Website and the Application is solely with them.

4.2. In case of breach of User Agreement and its annexes, we reserve the right to ask for compensation of all kinds of damages, direct and indirect, material and spiritual.

4.3. The User Agreement shall terminate automatically in the event that the Services provided in the Website and the Application are terminated by the SISTEMKOD.

4.4. Users are responsible for all kinds of work and transactions they perform on the Website and the Application; accepts, declares and undertakes that they cannot make any defiance and / or objection in the way that they do not carry out the works and transactions realized here and / or shall not refrain from fulfilling their obligations based on this defiance or objection.

4.5. Users acknowledge and undertake that they shall use the Website, the Application and the Services in general and in the permitted ways and otherwise they will be obliged to meet all material and non-pecuniary damage of SISTEMKOD.


5.1. Users agree and undertake to use the Services in accordance with the law and applicable legislation.

5.2. Find on Website and App All rights reserved, including all written, illustrated, audible, graphic and / or table materials.


6.1. This User Agreement shall remain in effect as long as it is a member of the User Website and the Application and shall continue to give rise to its provisions and results, and shall terminate automatically upon the termination of the User's membership for any reason.

6.2. All other texts published on the Website and / or in the Application by SISTEMKOD are an integral and integral part of this User Agreement.

6.3. The User Agreement and its annexes may be updated by the SISTEMKOD. Users are deemed to have accepted the updated provisions each time they log into the Website and the Application.


7.1. law to be applied to disputes arising between the Republic of Turkey is SİSTEMKOD with users of law in the settlement of any dispute Istanbul (Central) Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized.

7.2. In any dispute that may arise from the use of the Website and / or the Application, the User shall submit an absolute and exclusive evidence of any electronic or physical information and records held in the database, servers or other environment. and accepts and undertakes that this article constitutes an evidence agreement within the meaning of Article 193 of the Civil Procedure Law no. 6100.

7.3. This User Agreement enters into force indefinitely with the User's consent electronically.

7.4. SISTEMKOD and the User may terminate this User Agreement at any time. In this case, SISTEMKOD and the user does not come from each other.